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Elettra Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Based on the results of a laboratory analysis* which was conducted, the daily consumption of 20gr of our olive oil provides 22.7mg of phenols or their derivatives.
Olive oils that contain >5mg of phenols per 20gr are in the “health claim” category as they protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. Subsequently, our olive oil contains four (4) times the amount of phenols than the average aforementioned values in accordance with Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union.
The levels of the significant polyphenols, oleocanthal and oleacein, in our olive oil, are higher than the average values of the samples analyzed in the international study performed at the University of California, Davis.p where you can find our awarded extra virgin olive oil.

High phenolic extra virgin olive oil

Elettra Gold 100ml


High phenolic extra virgin olive oil

Elettra Silver 100ml